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Senior Pixel Artist

Date Posted: 11/20/2020


The One Lonely Outpost team is seeking an experienced, talented pixel artist. The artist would be joining the art team of 5 as either the assistant lead artist or co-lead artist, depending on experience.

We are an extremely passionate team of indie devs who have been fortunate enough to secure funding, and now we're seeking additional members to round out the team!

Work is full-time equivalent with regular payments twice per month plus contribution-based revenue share.


  • An eye for details

  • Skilled in landscape, structure

  • Mastery of color and lighting

  • Strong portfolio of pixel art

  • Ability to match our unique pixel art style with above-average color count and resolution

  • A passion for something about our game; the style, the genre, the setting, etc.

Examples of our Artwork:

  • Apple tree

  • Robo cow

  • Colony park

  • Kickstarter link w/trailer


  • 5+ years working in 2D game dev

  • Strong ability to give constructive criticism and feedback

  • Strong UI/UX skills

  • Skill in character sprites and pixel art character portraits

  • High creative, bringing additional visual and presentation ideas to the table

  • Unity Experience

To apply:

Send the following to​

  1. Portfolio

  2. Resume (or just a quick summary of experience/ a bit about yourself)

  3. Previous commission rates or employment compensation

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