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The player will be able to grow large crops of mature plants. The player will only have to manually water crops at the very beginning of the game, but will have to plant and harvest crops till much later.


Eventually the player will gain access to livestock to raise. Livestock are expensive and have various complex considerations, but can have a great payoff. Produce products (eggs, milk, etc) or sell livestock.

Two Path Choice

In many games players are presented with a choice on how to play out the game; be it good vs evil, siding with humans vs non-humans, or so on, this Dynamic gives the player control over their Narrative.

Optional Avenues of Progression

Besides farming, the player will have alternatives for progressing the overall game. Be it prospecting, exploring ruins or participating in mini games. We hope to provide a unique variety.

Relationship NPCs

Relationship NPCs will be named and have distinct, scripted personalities expressed through their Dialogs. The player will have a unique relationship with each NPC which can change over time depending on the player’s actions.


Just as with Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, One Lonely Outpost will offer a chance to have children. They will begin as infants which usually are sleeping, but occasionally, up to once per day, they will instead be crying.


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